Leslie Brake

Registered Nurse located in Lakeway, TX

About Brake

Leslie Brake BSN, RN, did her undergraduate education at Penn State University and later went on to nursing school at Concordia University. She has been a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Nurse since early 2013. She became obsessed with skincare after suffering from terrible acne during the postpartum period of her second daughter. It was then that she realized how much of an impact our skin's health and appearance has on one's overall confidence and well being so she decided to make the transition into Aesthetic Nursing. She is passionate about helping people achieve their optimal skin health and preserving their youthful appearance. 

In her spare time, you will find her with her two daughters, Charlotte and Madison, and her husband Matthew. She enjoys doing just about anything active outdoors with her family. 

Leslie's mantra is to enhance one's beauty and keep it real, that is truly reflected in her client's outcomes.